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    Giorgio Armani. Photo by

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    Renee Zellweger. Photo by

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    Hilary Swank and Giorgio Armani. Photo by

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    Glenn Close, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberta Armani, and Martin Scorsese. Photo by

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    Quvenzhan Wallis. Photo by

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    Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberta Armani, and Martin Scorsese. Photo by

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Armani Owns the Night

The Italian designer landed in NYC for the first time in 5 years and made quite a showing.

Giorgio Armani should have plenty of fond recollections of New York City: in 2009, the last time he graced the Big Apple, it was to open his Fifth Avenue Armani concept store; in 2000 he was honored by the Guggenheim museum, which staged a huge retrospective exhibition of his designs. The fashion maestro added another entry into his NYC memory bank Thursday night when he hosted an extravaganza dubbed One Night, Only New York at the SuperPier at Hudson River Park, soon to be converted into retail space. Mayor Bloomberg even deemed October 24th Giorgio Armani Day. (His last major piece of legislature before Hizzoner exits office?)

The Night kicked off with a runway show, with looks from Giorgio Armani Privé collections dating back from 2005 to the present, and, for the grand finale, the full autumn/winter Giorgio Armani Privé Nude collection. Then guests, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorcese and Naomi Watts, were ushered into an Italian cinema-themed “cocktail dinatoire” party for 1,000 during which time they could also check out the Eccentrico exhibition of Armani’s designs from 1985 to present day. (That show has already traveled to Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Rome).

By now, the black carpet has been rolled up and the runway ostensibly dismantled. But mere civilians can check out the exhibition for free through Sunday, October 27.