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  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Jeffrey Wright.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Jena Malone.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Common.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Elizabeth Banks.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Rob Thomas and Marisol Thomas.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Felicity Blunt and Stanley Tucci.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Patti Smith.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Bridget Moynahan.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Liam Hemsworth.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Andy Cohen.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Lindsay Ellingson.
  • Hungry for Hunger Games  - Helena Christensen and Mingus Reedus.
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  1. 1/16

    Jennifer Lawrence.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  2. 2/16

    Jeffrey Wright.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  3. 3/16

    Jena Malone.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  4. 4/16


    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  5. 5/16

    Elizabeth Banks.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  6. 6/16

    Rob Thomas and Marisol Thomas.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  7. 7/16
  8. 8/16

    Felicity Blunt and Stanley Tucci.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  9. 9/16

    Patti Smith.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  10. 10/16

    Bridget Moynahan.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  11. 11/16

    Liam Hemsworth.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  12. 12/16

    Andy Cohen.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

  13. 13/16

    Lindsay Ellingson.

  14. 14/16
  15. 15/16

    Helena Christensen and Mingus Reedus.

    Photography by Sherly Rabbani

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Hungry for Hunger Games

The film’s New York premiere was an A-list affair

The seemingly endless international promotional tour for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” came to a close Wednesday evening with the New York premiere of the blockbuster. Jennifer Lawrence—who by now has probably been through a season’s worth of Dior ensembles—and her co-stars Jena Malone and Elizabeth Banks put on their biggest smiles (perhaps because they can finally get some rest?) on the red carpet at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater. And celebrity fans both predictable (Bravo’s Andy Cohen) and surprising (Patti Smith) showed up in droves. Helena Christensen brought along her son, Mingus Reedus, and two of his friends—as if she didn’t already have coolest mom award in the bag.

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