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    Sylvie Fleury and Jeff Koons. Photo by Karin Gfeller.

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    Carolina Nitsch and Tracey Emin. Photo by Karin Gfeller.

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    Fabienne Abrecht and Richard Phillips. Photo by Karin Gfeller.

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    Jean-Pierre and Rachel Lehmann with Simon Castets. Photo by Karin Gfeller.

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Dining With The Swiss

Institute, that is.

What: The Swiss Institute’s Annual Benefit Dinner and Auction.

Where: The Soho headquarters of the non-profit cultural center, which fosters an artistic exchange between Switzerland and the United States, through exhibitions, programs and funding.

When: Tuesday, November 5th

Who: Rachel and Jean-Pierre Lehmann, who were presented with the SI award; Sylvie Fleury, who received the SI artist tribute; Jeff and Justine Koons; Tracey Emin; Richard Phillips; Maria Baibakova; curator Philippe Vergne, and a smattering of emerging artists like Hugh Scott-Douglas and Carissa Rodriguez. Simon de Pury led a rousing live auction.

Why: The Swiss Institute began in 1986 in two living rooms in an Upper West Side townhouse. It now occupies the former Deitch Projects space in Soho, thanks in part to events like this.

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