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    Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault.

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    Giovanna Battaglia. Photograph by

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    Victor Cruz and Elaine Watley. Photograph by

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    Lindsay Ellingson. Photograph by

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    Linda Fargo. Photograph by

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Benvenuto Berluti

New York Fashion Week begins with the Italian brand’s stateside debut

What: Antoine Arnault toasted the opening of the Italian menswear brand Berluti’s first U.S. flagship with cocktails.

When: Thursday, February 6th. The first night of New York Fashion Week.

Where: Berluti’s New York Flagship on Madison Avenue.

Who: Fashion week veterans Giovanna Battaglia, Natalia Vodianova, and Linda Fargo stopped by to get a first look at the new space and to congratulate the LVMH heir.

Why: With all the chaos surrounding womenswear lines, a sumptuous new menswear boutique is the perfect place to catch your breath.

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