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    Tom Sachs and Kenny Scharf. Photo by

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    Padma Lakshmi. Photo by

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    Eric Goode. Photo by

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    Scout LaRue Willis. Photo by

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    Griffin Dunne, Julian Sands, and Julian Schnabel. Photo by

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    Walton Ford and Zoe Lescaze. Photo by

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Turtle Love

The marine conservation charity’s second annual ball lured a New York crowd out of their shells.

What: For the second annual Turtle Ball, hosts Eric Goode, David Blaine, Julian Sands, and Christy Turlington presided over a night of performances and a dinner honoring Fisher Stevens for his preservation efforts.

Where: The Ballroom at the Bowery Hotel.

When: Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who: The hosts were joined by an art world-heavy crowd, including Walton Ford, Julian Schnabel, Laurie Simmons, Maripol, Mario Sorrenti, and Kenny Scharf.

Why: Sure, the fashion flock are away, but there are still plenty of New Yorkers willing to show up for a good cause.

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