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    Fernando and Humberto Campana. Photo by

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    The Campana Brothers installation. Photo by

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    Marina Abramovic and Giovanna Battaglia. Photo by

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    LaFawndah. Photo by

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    Laura de Gunzburg. Photo by

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    Nir Hod. Photo by

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Light on Their Feet

Melissa Shoes celebrates the Campana brothers’ installation in its SoHo store.

What: As part of an ongoing collaboration with Melissa Shoes, the designing Brazilian brothers Campana created a site-specific, light installation using the brand’s iconic jellies at its store in New York. A celebration ensued.

When: Thursday, March 27th.

Where: Melissa’s SoHo Boutique.

Who: Marina Abramovic, the evening’s guest of honor, joined Humberto and Fernando Campana in feting their creations along with Nir Hod, Laura de Gunzburg, and W’s Contributing Fashion Editor Giovanna Battaglia.

Why: The Campana brothers are known for transforming unexpected materials, say plush toys into a chair. Here they made a chandelier out of plastic shoes. “The shoes are very transparent and we wanted to show off the potential that is already there,” explains Humberto. “Maybe this could suggest a message to Melissa users to make something out of the ones they don’t wear anymore.”

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