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  • <em>Breathe In</em> - Felicity Jones.
  • <em>Breathe In</em> - Drake Doremus and Alana Morshead
  • <em>Breathe In</em> - Ellen von Unwerth
  • <em>Breathe In</em> - Anna Wood, Timothee Chalamet
  • <em>Breathe In</em> - Amy Ryan
  • <em>Breathe In</em> - Aleksa Palladino and Michael Shannon
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    Felicity Jones. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Drake Doremus and Alana Morshead. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Ellen von Unwerth. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Anna Wood, Timothee Chalamet, and friend. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Amy Ryan. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Aleksa Palladino and Michael Shannon. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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Breathe In

Actresses Felicity Jones and Amy Ryan toasted the premiere of their latest film.

What: The New York premiere of Drake Doremus’s newest film, Breathe In at the Sunshine Landmark theater, followed by an A-list after party.

When: Tuesday, March 18

Where: The rooftop of Hotel Chantelle in New York.

Who: The director and his cast—including the beautiful Felicity Jones and Amy Ryan—were joined by, among others, Michael Shannon, Anna Wood, and Ellen von Unwerth.

Why: Decked out in Forevermark Diamonds, Ryan and Jones (in Erdem) sparkled under the venue’s glass ceiling.

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