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  • Putting Down Roots
 - Martha Stewart
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Katie Brashares and David Chang
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Stefano Tonchi
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Nick Anderer and Michael Anthony
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Questlove
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Waris Ahluwalia and Julie Gilhart
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Oliver Platt
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Preston Miller, April Bloomfield, and Christina Lecki
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Frank Falcinelli and Greg Fanslau
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Aby Rosen and Samantha Boardman Rosen
  • Putting Down Roots
 - Danny Newberg and Ignacio Mattos
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    Martha Stewart. Photo by

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    Katie Brashares and David Chang. Photo by

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    Stefano Tonchi. Photo by

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    Nick Anderer and Michael Anthony. Photo by

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    Questlove. Photo by

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    Waris Ahluwalia and Julie Gilhart. Photo by

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    Oliver Platt. Photo by

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    Preston Miller, April Bloomfield, and Christina Lecki. Photo by

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    Frank Falcinelli and Greg Fanslau. Photo by

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    Aby Rosen and Samantha Boardman Rosen. Photo by

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    Danny Newberg and Ignacio Mattos. Photo by

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Putting Down Roots

David Chang co-chaired Edible Schoolyard NYC’s spring benefit

What: Edible Schoolyard NYC’s second annual spring benefit, where the city’s top chefs cooked to raise money for the nonprofit organization, founded by Alice Waters, which helps public schools build organic gardens and encourage healthy eating.

Where: 23 Wall Street in New York City’s Financial District

When: Monday, April 7th

Who: Momofuku’s David Chang was the evening’s culinary co-chair, bringing together chefs such as Michael Anthony, April Bloomfield, Tom Colicchio, and Danny Bowien. Martha Stewart, Oliver Platt, and W’s Editor in Chief Stefano Tonchi joined in the celebration.

Why: While Questlove, who provided the evening’s soundtrack, thanked David Chang for reintroducing him to tomatoes, beets, spinach and all “the foods that I swore I would never eat again,” the evening was really about the children. “Our food system is broken,” said Kate Brashares, the executive director of Edible Schoolyard, “We use the garden and kitchen as a classroom where students can learn about their own health, their families’ health, and their communities.” The night’s dinner and auction, which raised over $1 million, will help the organization achieve their goal.  And, yes, encourage everyone to eat their vegetables.

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