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  • Engram’s Best Bet - Isabel Lucas
  • Engram’s Best Bet - Maggie Betts and Oliver Ackland
  • Engram’s Best Bet - Sophie Auster
  • Engram’s Best Bet - Indre Rockefeller and Prabal Gurung
  • Engram’s Best Bet - Rebecca Dayan
  • Engram’s Best Bet - Olivier Theyskens
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  • Engram’s Best Bet - Joey Green and Julia Faletti
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  • Engram’s Best Bet - Alvin Epstein and Lucille Patton
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    Isabel Lucas. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

  2. 2/13

    Maggie Betts and Oliver Ackland. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

  3. 3/13

    Sophie Auster. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

  4. 4/13

    Indre Rockefeller and Prabal Gurung. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

  5. 5/13

    Rebecca Dayan. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Olivier Theyskens. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Lauren Remington Platt. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Joey Green and Julia Faletti. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

  10. 10/13

    Thakoon Panichgul. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Alvin Epstein and Lucille Patton. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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    Elettra Wiedemann. Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix.

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Engram’s Best Bet

Prabal Gurung and Sophie Auster hosted a screening of a new short film by Maggie Betts

What: A Tiffany & Co.-sponsored screening of “ENGRAM,” a short film by Maggie Betts, hosted by Prabal Gurung and Sophie Auster.

When: Monday, March 31st

Where: The Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Who: Actors Isabel Lucas and Oliver Ackland, the film’s starring couple, joined guests like Barbara Bush, Olivier Theyskens, Thakoon Panichgul, and Gurung, who had a direct hand in the project – the designer created the ethereal white gown Lucas wears in the opening sequence.

Why: Set between the Berkshires and the West 4th Street Subway Station, Betts’s film explores the notions of memory, love, and time. “A year ago my mom had surgery, and we had always known about this very traumatic experience that happened when she was 5 years old, but she could never remember any of it,” explained Betts. “When she came out of surgery, she was all of a sudden describing all of these details of the event; it all came back to her. I started researching memory and just became fascinated.”


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