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    Alexis and Amar'e Stoudemire. Photo by

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    Fe Fendi. Photo by

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    Zani Gugelmann. Photo by

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    Inside the Henry Street Settlement Gala. Photo by

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    Valerie Boster. Photo by

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    Marielle Safra and Annabella Murphy. Photo by

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    Karla Martinez de Salas. Photo by

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    Maggie Betts. Photo by

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Uptown for Downtown

The Henry Street Settlement’s annual gala raised money for the Lower East Side

What: The Henry Street Settlement‘s Gala Dinner Dance and Auction sponsored by Mulberry.

Where: The Plaza Hotel.

When: Tuesday, April 8th

Who: New York’s social set—including Valerie Boster, Zani Gugelmann, and Amar’e and Alexis Stoudemire—showed up for the soirée dressed to the nines.

Why: The annual fete raises funds for Henry Street’s countless programs benefitting the Lower East Side community. This year, the event raised over $1 million—and the live auction racked in figures in the tens of thousands. When a meet and greet with Stoudemire came up on the pile, the enthused basketball player jumped up to throw in 2 courtside seats.

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