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  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Karolina Kurkova
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Lily Aldridge
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Jessica Hart
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Maryna Linchuk and Chelsea Leyland
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Martha Hunt
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Lola Schnabel and Ann Dexter Jones
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Harry Brant
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Jean Pigozzi and Lola Schnabel
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Anne V
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Rachel Chandler Guinness and Laura Love
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Julie Henderson
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Jacqueline Beurang
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - The atmosphere at Casa Lever
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Chiara Ferragamo
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Princess Melusine Ruspoli
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Allison Sarofim
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Mollie Ruprecht
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Sean O'Pry
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Sophie Auster
  • Ferragamo’s Family Affair - Vincent Ottomanelli
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    Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  2. 2/25

    Karolina Kurkova. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  3. 3/25

    Lily Aldridge. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  4. 4/25

    Jessica Hart. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  5. 5/25

    Maryna Linchuk and Chelsea Leyland. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  6. 6/25

    Martha Hunt. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  7. 7/25
  8. 8/25

    Lola Schnabel and Ann Dexter Jones. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  9. 9/25

    Harry Brant. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  10. 10/25

    Jean Pigozzi and Lola Schnabel. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  11. 11/25

    Anne V. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  12. 12/25

    Rachel Chandler Guinness and Laura Love. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  13. 13/25

    Julie Henderson. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  14. 14/25
  15. 15/25

    Jacqueline Beurang. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  16. 16/25

    The atmosphere at Casa Lever. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  17. 17/25

    Chiara Ferragamo. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  18. 18/25

    Princess Melusine Ruspoli. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  19. 19/25

    Allison Sarofim. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  20. 20/25

    Mollie Ruprecht. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  21. 21/25
  22. 22/25

    Sean O'Pry. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  23. 23/25

    Sophie Auster. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  24. 24/25

    Vincent Ottomanelli. Photo by Sherly Rabbani

  25. 25/25

Ferragamo’s Family Affair

The Italian fashion house celebrated its new bag.

You would think that a mere twenty-four hours after the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala (or perhaps fewer hours for those who hit the after-parties), the fashion masses would be home in bed nursing the most staggering of hangovers. But Ferragamo managed to lure them out of hiding for a dinner in celebration of its new handbag collection, Fiamma, named for Salvatore’s late daughter. Hosted by the Ferragamo family—Ferruccio, James, Massimo and Chiara were all in attendance—the event introduced the chic, handle-topped half-moon bag with a short film and interview series, featuring multiple generations of international families, projected onto the walls of Casa Lever. The restaurant’s bar shelves were cleared of booze bottles and filled instead with Fiamma bags and amidst the Warhols on the walls were booths lined with more Fiamma styles, surrounded by roses. It was a purse lover’s fantasy.

During a protracted cocktail hour stars of the campaign like Princess Melusine Ruspoli, Stella and Lola Schnabel, Anika Poitier, and Mariel and Langley Fox Hemingway mingled over salmon-hued cocktails and endless canapés, the boite’s purple lighting casting an otherworldly glow. “Do you think they’ll notice if I steal a bag?” asked one young woman as she eyed a black version mere inches from her head.

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