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  • Time Warp - Scott Campbell and Lake Bell
  • Time Warp - Max Snow and Vanessa Traina Snow
  • Time Warp - Alexandre de Betak, Bettina Prentice, and Garth Weiser
  • Time Warp - Dalia Oberlander
  • Time Warp - Claire Distenfeld and Alexandra Chemla.
  • Time Warp - Jacqueline and Vito Schnabel
  • Time Warp - Sofia Sanchez Barrenchea
  • Time Warp - Darlene Elkanick and Laura Kimsey
  • Time Warp - Arden Wohl and Mirabelle Marden
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    Scott Campbell and Lake Bell. Photograph by

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    Max Snow and Vanessa Traina Snow. Photograph by

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    Alexandre de Betak, Bettina Prentice, and Garth Weiser. Photograph by

  4. 4/11

    Dalia Oberlander. Photograph by

  5. 5/11

    Claire Distenfeld and Alexandra Chemla. Photograph by

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    Jacqueline and Vito Schnabel. Photograph by

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  8. 8/11

    Sofia Sanchez Barrenchea. Photograph by

  9. 9/11

    Darlene Elkanick and Laura Kimsey. Photograph by

  10. 10/11

    Arden Wohl and Mirabelle Marden. Photograph by

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Time Warp

The Museum of Arts and Design takes a trip back in time.

What: At their young patrons gala, The Museum of Arts and Design honored McDermott & McGough, an artist collective helmed by Irishmen David McDermott and Peter McGough. The pair are known for their historically focused techniques, so the museum rolled back the clock to the 1920s for it’s decadent fete.

When: Monday, May 19th.

Where: The James A. Burden Mansion on Central Park, a Beaux-Arts-era townhouse.

Who: Host committee members like Arden Wohl, Vito Schnabel, and Bettina Prentice were joined by a bevy of New York beauties including Lake Bell, Alexandra Chemla, Vanessa Traina, and Dalia Oberlander.

Why: Cigarette girls, towers of champagne, and live jazz by Dandy Wellington transformed the Burden mansion into a time-machine for the evening—but it wasn’t until the diamond and feather covered crowd arrived that the whole party felt like something dreamed up by Daisy Buchanan.

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