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  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Jake Gyllenhaal and Dustin Yellin
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Pioneer Works
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Jack McCollough, Liv Tyler, and Lazaro Hernandez
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Karen Elson
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Jemima Kirke
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Peter Sarsgaard
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Mickalene Thomas and Raquel Chevremont
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Naomi Watts
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Andre Saraiva and Jose Parla
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Arden Wohl
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Bob Colacello and Glenn O'Brien
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Hannah Bronfman
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Kate Sutton and Jeffrey Deitch
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Mariska Hargitay
  • Brooklyn Barbeque  - Harley and Cristina Viera Newton
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    Jake Gyllenhaal and Dustin Yellin. Courtesy of

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    Maggie Gyllenhaal. Courtesy of

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    Pioneer Works. Courtesy of

  4. 4/19

    Jack McCollough, Liv Tyler, and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler. Courtesy of

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    Karen Elson. Courtesy of

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    Jemima Kirke. Courtesy of

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  8. 8/19

    Peter Sarsgaard. Courtesy of

  9. 9/19

    Mickalene Thomas and Raquel Chevremont. Courtesy of

  10. 10/19

    Naomi Watts. Courtesy of

  11. 11/19

    Andre Saraiva and Jose Parla. Courtesy of

  12. 12/19

    Arden Wohl. Courtesy of

  13. 13/19

    Bob Colacello and Glenn O'Brien. Courtesy of

  14. 14/19
  15. 15/19

    Hannah Bronfman. Courtesy of

  16. 16/19

    Kate Sutton and Jeffrey Deitch. Courtesy of

  17. 17/19

    Mariska Hargitay. Courtesy of

  18. 18/19

    Harley and Cristina Viera Newton. Courtesy of

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Brooklyn Barbeque

Pioneer Works opens its doors for its first spring gala.

For its first benefit, Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together the arts and sciences, hosted a Sunday evening barbeque at its newly renovated compound in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A kinetic sculpture by Chico MacMurtrie stood at the cavernous entrance to the night’s silent auction, which included works by Andre Saravia, Laurie Simmons, and Pioneer Works founder Dustin Yellin. On the second and third floors of the converted factory, guests including artist Mickalene Thomas and model Karen Elson toured the studios of the current art and science residents—mix-media artist Andres Carranza among them—and waited patiently in line for photographer Robyn Hasty’s tinytype photo booth. “Do you know Dustin?” was the requisite question of the hour, as the artist made his rounds chatting amiable with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal. Outside on the patio, the intoxicating smell a the grill, manned by Fat Radish’s Nicholas Wilber, enticed guests like Jemima Kirke and Liv Tyler to linger despite the windy conditions.  As the night’s finale, Ariel Pink performed for a hoard of paint-covered, swirling groupies, spurring one late-arrival to ask, “Is this part of the installation?” Yes and no.

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