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  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Stefano Tonchi and Alex Katz
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Giovanna Battaglia
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Mark Briggs
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Caroline de Maigret
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Urs Fischer
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Stacy Engman and Yvonne Force Villareal
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Rob Pruitt
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Malgosia Bela
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Elle Dee
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Anouck Lepere
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Edward Enninful
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Lucy Chadwick
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - W Magazine Art Party
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Emma Summerton
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Michael and China Chow
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - SZA
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - W Magazine Art Party
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Jessica Joffe
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Ashley Smith
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Miles McMillan, Richard Chai, and Baptiste Demay
  • <em>Where the Art Is</em> - Catherine Malandrino
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    Stefano Tonchi and Alex Katz. Photo by

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    Giovanna Battaglia. Photo by

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    Mark Briggs. Photo by

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    Caroline de Maigret. Photo by

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    Urs Fischer. Photo by

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    Stacy Engman and Yvonne Force Villareal. Photo by

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    Rob Pruitt. Photo by

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    Malgosia Bela. Photo by

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    Elle Dee. Photo by

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    Anouck Lepere. Photo by

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    Edward Enninful. Photo by

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    Lucy Chadwick. Photo by

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    The atmosphere at Sotheby's. Photo by

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    Emma Summerton. Photo by

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    Michael and China Chow. Photo by

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    SZA. Photo by

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    Jessica Joffe. Photo by

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    Ashley Smith. Photo by

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    Miles McMillan, Richard Chai, and Baptiste Demay. Photo by

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    Catherine Malandrino. Photo by

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Where the Art Is

Saks, Sothebys, and W celebrate the magazine’s Art issue.

What: W’s Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi and Saks’s Chief Marketing Officer Mark Briggs hosted a cocktail party with artists Alex Katz, Rob Pruitt, and Urs Fischer to celebrate W: Art, a special issue of the magazine.

Where: Sotheby’s New York 2nd floor, where highlights from the auction house’s May Contemporary Art Day Auction—including works by Victor Vasarely, Jean Dubuffet, and jewelry Louisa Guiness—were on view.

When: Friday, May 9th

Who: The featured artists were joined by some of their most fashionable admirers including Asia Chow, Caroline de Maigret, Gavin Brown, Kyle DeWoody, Raf Simons, Stacy Engman and more.

Why: In honor of the occasion, the auction rolled out a special W: Art carpet, featuring pages from the magazine. And, after the frenzy of Frieze and the Met Gala, a simple gathering of cocktails and close friends seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

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