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  • The Patron of Patrons - Jane Rosenthal, Brooke Neidich, Robert De Niro and Joe Daniels
  • The Patron of Patrons - Clifford Ross
  • The Patron of Patrons - Harvey Weinstein and Selita Ebanks
  • The Patron of Patrons - Jane Rosenthal and Luth Bethge
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    Jane Rosenthal, Brooke Neidich, Robert De Niro and Joe Daniels.

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    Clifford Ross.

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    Harvey Weinstein and Selita Ebanks.

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    Jane Rosenthal and Luth Bethge.

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    Perri Peltz.

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    Anthony Mackie and Chairman of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation Lutz Bethge.

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    Teresa Moore and Julie Henderson.

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The Patron of Patrons

Robert De Niro presents Jane Rosenthal with an award.

What: Montblanc celebrated Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal’s patronage of the arts with a cocktail party.

When: Tuesday, June 3rd.

Where: The Stephan Weiss Studio in New York City’s West Village.

Who: Robert De Niro, who co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival with Rosenthal, presented her with the award in front of a crowd that included model Selita Ebanks, actor Anthony Mackie, and artist Clifford Ross.

Why: While guests turned up to celebrate Rosenthal’s achievements, sip champagne, and admire pricey pens, they were entertained by Robert De Niro’s playful monologue-style presentation: “Tonight, Jane’s being honored with the prestigious Montblanc award commemorated with a spectacular pen,” he said. “But here, I’m a little bit ahead of her. Many of you remember two years ago, I won the coveted BIC award.” Laugh away.

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