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  • Art World Coachella - Alexandra Chemla and Yvonne Force Villareal
  • Art World Coachella - Jemima Kirke
  • Art World Coachella - Stone Fox Bride Flowers
  • Art World Coachella - Natalya Poniatowski, Anastasia Romantsova, and Bettina Prentice
  • Art World Coachella - Jose Parla
  • Art World Coachella - Zani Gugelmann
  • Art World Coachella - Stone Fox Bride Flowers
  • Art World Coachella - Claire Distenfeld
  • Art World Coachella - Scooter LaForge and Johnny Rozsa
  • Art World Coachella - Natalie Joos
  • Art World Coachella - Molly Guy
  • Art World Coachella - Mike Mosberg, Alison Chemla, and Annabelle Dexter Jones
  • Art World Coachella - Marissa Sackler
  • Art World Coachella - Bohemian soiree
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    Alexandra Chemla and Yvonne Force Villareal. Photograph by

  2. 2/17

    Jemima Kirke. Photograph by

  3. 3/17

    Flowers by Stone Fox Bride. Photograph by

  4. 4/17

    Natalya Poniatowski, Anastasia Romantsova, and Bettina Prentice. Photograph by

  5. 5/17

    Jose Parla. Photograph by

  6. 6/17

    Zani Gugelmann. Photograph by

  7. 7/17
  8. 8/17

    Stone Fox Bride Flowers. Photograph by

  9. 9/17

    Claire Distenfeld. Photograph by

  10. 10/17

    Scooter LaForge and Johnny Rozsa. Photograph by

  11. 11/17

    Natalie Joos. Photograph by

  12. 12/17

    Molly Guy. Photograph by

  13. 13/17

    Mike Mosberg, Alison Chemla, and Annabelle Dexter Jones. Photograph by

  14. 14/17
  15. 15/17

    Marissa Sackler. Photograph by

  16. 16/17

    Stone Fox Bride Flowers hanging at the McKittrick Hotel. Photograph by

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Art World Coachella

ArtBinder and Lancôme throw a bohemian soiree to celebrate the launch of Viewer.

On a humid Tuesday night, the newest generation of it girls, artists, and entrepreneurs made their way to Chelsea for a bohemian rooftop soiree to celebrate the most recent accomplishment of one of their own: the launch of Alexandra Chemla’s ArtBinder Viewer, a free art app that enables users to keep tabs on the latest shows from their favorite galleries and artists. VIPs beat the heat on the McKittrick Hotel’s lush rooftop garden, which designer Madeline Weinrib transformed into a Moroccan-inspired enclave complete with a colorful patchwork of rugs, twinkling tea lights, and bright blooms. Decked out in fresh floral crowns, guests like Indre Rockefeller, Marissa Sackler, and Claire Distenfeld sipped rosé while the sun set over the Hudson. “Not only is Alex my good friend and I’ll celebrate anything she does with her, but I love what she’s made,” said Jemima Kirke, who spent the night chatting with friends like artists Johnny Rosza and Scooter LaForge. A performance by songstress Katie Shecter brought guests to their feet and Chemla looked completely relaxed surrounded by friends and family including her sister Alison, founder of the jewelry line Alison Lou. “It’s a celebration of something that everyone here is a part of in my mind,” said Chemla. “There is nothing that I love more than being surrounded by ArtBinder’s extended family.”

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