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  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - Rachel McAdams and Mick Jagger
  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - Robin Wright
  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - Lindsay Ellingson and Sean Clayton
  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - anton-corbijn-most-wanted-man
  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - Sophie Sumner
  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood
  • <em>A Most Wanted Man</em> - Julianna Margulies
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    Rachel McAdams and Mick Jagger. ©

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    Robin Wright. ©

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    Lindsay Ellingson and Sean Clayton. ©

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    Nimi Ponnudurai and Anton Corbijn. ©

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    Sophie Sumner. ©

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    Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood. ©

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    Julianna Margulies. ©

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A Most Wanted Man

Celebrating Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final film.

Tuesday evening, a stylish crowd gathered at the Museum of Modern Art for the Cinema Society and Montblanc-hosted premiere of A Most Wanted Man, the last completed film by the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. The film’s female leads, Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright, joined director Anton Corbijn, who fielded questions about the late actor as he made his way into the screening. “I’d love for the film to be appreciated for what it is and I’d love for people to see how great Philip Seymour is,” he said. After the premiere, guests like Sophie Sumner, Dane DeHaan, and the newly married Lindsay Ellingson migrated south to the Skylark cocktail lounge, which provided ample entertainment for all attendees. Some remained glued to a Montblanc table, where a representative penned letters and cards for guests, while others focused their iPhone lenses on the Skylark’s stunning city views. All stopped to stare when the evening’s most surprising guest, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, strolled in midway through the party. Suddenly the midtown vistas weren’t so mesmerizing.

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