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  • Get Lei’d - Erin Cullison and Scott Lipps
  • Get Lei’d - Hailey Clauson
  • Get Lei’d - Ben Watts
  • Get Lei’d - Rocky Barnes and Kenza Fourati
  • Get Lei’d - TikiTabu at SIXTY Lower East Side
  • Get Lei’d - Celia Becker and Bruna Del Bortoli
  • Get Lei’d - Anastasia Leung Lo Hing
  • Get Lei’d - Roberto Sipos
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    Erin Cullison and Scott Lipps. Photo by

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    Hailey Clauson. Photo by

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    Ben Watts. Photo by

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    Rocky Barnes and Kenza Fourati. Photo by

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    TikiTabu at SIXTY Lower East Side. Photo by

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    Celia Becker and Bruna Del Bortoli. Photo by

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  8. 8/10

    Anastasia Leung Lo Hing. Photo by

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    Roberto Sipos: "When is Valentine's Day?"

    Photo by

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Get Lei’d

At a new downtown hot spot.

What: A kitschy Hawaiian-themed party in celebration of new pop up bar TikiTabu and One Model founder Scott Lipps’s birthday.

When: Thursday, July 30th

Where: TikiTabu, located at the top of the SIXTY Lower East Side in New York.

Who: Lipps was joined by photographer Ben Watts, actor Zach Braff and models Hailey Clauson, Kenza Fourati, Bruna del Bortoli.

Why: Because New York is in the midst of a heat wave, and Hawaii is a long flight away.

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