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    Ariana Rockefeller and Georgina Bloomberg. Photo by Patrick McMullan.

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    Photo by Patrick McMullan.

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    Lee Nordstrom and Elizabeth Kurpis. Photo by Patrick McMullan.

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    Kipton Cronkite. Photo by Patrick McMullan.

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    Beth Johnson and Whitney Fogg. Photo by Patrick McMullan.

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Cheers to That

Ariana Rockefeller hosts a celebration of The Hampton Classic.

What: A dinner hosted by equestrian and heiress Ariana Rockefeller in honor of The Hampton Classic, the annual horse show.

Friday, August 28th.

Where: Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton.

Who: Rockefeller was joined by fellow socialites with famous last names, including a Bloomberg, a Cronkite, and a Nordstrom.

Why: The farm-to-table meal was appropriately held in the property’s historic barn.

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