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    Ramon Martin, Elyse Walker, and Ryan Lobo. Photo by Getty Images.

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    Louise Roe. Photo by Getty Images.

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    Angela Lindvall and Tori Praver. Photo by Getty Images.

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    Isabella Lindblom. Photo by Getty Images.

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Endless Summer

Tome extends the season for Elyse Walker.

What: A dinner party toasting Tome’s new capsule for Forward by Elyse Walker hosted by Walker and Tome designers, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin.

When: Thursday, October 15th

Where: Terrine restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Who: Walker and the Tome team were joined by Tori Praver, Angela Lindvall, and Louise Roe.

Why: FORWARD by Elyse Walker extends the season for Tome by offering the brand’s most covetable spring pieces in new colors for Fall. And isn’t season-less style worth celebrating?

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