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Texas Forever

Texas Forever

blog-cindy-sherman-henry-rachovsky.jpgCindy Rachofsky, Howard Rachofsky, and Cindy Sherman

What: W magazine and The Dallas Museum of Art’s private dinner to fete Cindy Sherman’s exhibition at the museum.

When: March 14

Who: W’s Stefano Tonchi; artist Cindy Sherman; the Eugene McDermott Director of the Dallas Museum of Art Maxwell Anderson; President of the Board of the Dallas Museum of Art John Eagle; Chairman of the Board of the Dallas Museum Deedie Rose; art collectors Howard and Cindy Rachofsky; art dealer John Runyon.

blog-cindy-sherman-dallas-art-museum-02.jpgFrom left: Gabriel Ritter, Eva Respini, John Eagle, and Maxwell Anderson

Where: Dallas’s The Joule Hotel, a repurposed neo-gothic building dating back to the 1920’s.

Why: From her transfixing 70’s films stills to her more recent Real Housewives-esque society photos, Sherman’s body of work continues to re-evaluate and re-create the female identity. The retrospective, first staged at MoMA in New York, will be at the Dallas Museum through June 9.

Photos: Billy Farrell Agency

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