Celebrities » Thomas Middleditch Is a More Traditional Nerd
Middleditch wears a Marc Jacobs blazer, shirt, 
and turtleneck.

Thomas Middleditch Is a More Traditional Nerd

The Silicon Valley actor offers his take on the techies.

HBO’s Silicon Valley, which won a Critics’ Choice Television Award for best comedy series, is set in a company town—one ruled by geeks-turned-billionaires. It’s a weird, insular, paranoid culture that hasn’t been adroitly satirized until now. “Some things are exaggerated for comedic effect, but I’ve had interactions with bona fide programmers and felt like I was living in the TV show,” says Thomas Middleditch, who stars as Richard Hendricks, the creator of an algorithm that might just put him, in the show’s parlance, in the “three-comma club.” Still, his path is littered with sharklike corporations, sacrificed ideals, and a parade of techies blessed with big brains but zero social skills. “I don’t want to generalize this inability to be socially normal to all of Silicon Valley,” says Middleditch, who admits to a more traditional nerdiness (video games, Renaissance fairs). “But some of the guys are shockingly bizarre.” 

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