Insiders » Alice Goddard: Style Barometer
Alice Goddard: Style Barometer
Alice Goddard. Photograph by Theo Sion.

Alice Goddard: Style Barometer

Meet the British stylist behind new indie magazine Hot and Cool.

Amid the sea of indie style magazines, Hot and Cool, a biannual publication out of London that counts the Proenza Schouler designers as fans, has been gaining attention by essentially forgoing the latest trends. “We prefer to include stuff that isn’t current and doesn’t date,” says Alice Goddard, a 22-year-old stylist 
who studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins before founding the magazine four years ago with her boyfriend, the 23-year-old photographer Theo Sion. Interviews with the photographer Tina Barney and the filmmaker Whit Stillman focus on their early work, and fashion editorials are built around vintage clothes culled from Portobello Market and customized by Goddard. “Prada is amazing, but I’d rather create a nice look from crappy old pieces,” she says. “It’s just more interesting.”

Hot and Cool

Hot and Cool spread. Photograph by Tom Gorman.

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