This past weekend my partner and I ventured out with our two-month old to check out Brooklyn’s first ever Baby Expo. Hosted by A Child Grows in Brooklyn, a Brooklyn-based parenting blog, the event overflowed with parents clad in baby carriers carting their little ones from room to room to scope out some of Brooklyn’s finest baby gear. Below, some highlights:

Kinderwagon: A stylish and unique lightweight double stroller perfect for the urban parent (or any parent for that matter) who needs the two-seater but lacks the space. This double-decker provides both children with an unobstructed forward view and can hold up to 40lbs per seat while only taking up the same space as a basic umbrella stroller. Brilliant!

[#image: /photos/5853ae26c7188f9b26c9395b]||||||Boon: This eye-catching brand offers parenting solutions done up in a hip modern style. Use the Frog Pod (above) to scoop up and strain your child’s wet toys from the tub or try the Squirt Spoon, which makes feeding easy for that baby on the go. The Lawn Drying Rack would add a nice touch to anyone’s countertop to dry those oh so many bottles and dinnerware. Love it!

As our son gets a bit older and more patient with his eager parents taking him out, we hope to catch some of the cool seminars we missed this year like “Raising a Good Sleeper” and “Greening Your Home” next year.