What about the hair?
I didn’t want every hairdo to be the same, so I started cutting hairdos out of magazines. I used a Bergdorf catalog, a J. Crew catalog and a Playboy from the Seventies that had Nancy Sinatra on the cover.

What do you think of Peter’s collection itself?
I really loved it—it’s kind of what I wore when I was younger. I love the stuff with checks and my daughter loves the swan dress.

Aside from your collaboration with Thakoon Panichgul last September, have you been a muse to any other designers?
That’s a tricky question. I’ve seen my work used. I think that the commercial world swallows up artists and ideas really quickly. It’s just part of the way things work. I used to get upset but now I laugh when I open something and either I’ve been the influence or one of my friends have.

Portrait: Kathryn Allen Hurni