Fast-forward a few years and the figure-friendly brand, which is manufactured in Brazil in eco- and ethically-conscious facilities, is developing quite the cult following. We especially love the new "shimmer" version of their best-selling Jennifer jean. With an almost leathery look, they have a subtle shine that's the result of a special coating. And like all the other Jennifers, the waist is slightly high, making them both classic and a little come-hither at the same time. In another boon to curvy gals, contrasting stitch colors draw the eye away from body imperfections.

As for the origin of the name Beija-Flor, it's Portuguese for hummingbird—a creature the designers find to be "awesome." Though it was years ago, Emilie fondly recalls a childhood visit to the Santa Teresa hummingbird reserve in her father's home state in Brazil. Taking a cue from the little birds, which flutter in every direction (even backwards), it's only natural that Beija-Flor jeans work so well with so many body types.