Proving, once again, that High Art is a mercurial and demanding mistress, West spent last Friday night at Deitch Studios, a space generally reserved for contemporary art fans hard-core enough to schlep out to Long Island City. The event was the live performance of Vanessa Beecroft's piece VB64, and West was there as the producer of a video of the performance.

The crowd studiously avoided staring at either the models or West and his ridiculously attractive girlfriend, Amber Rose. Sporting a very elaborate letterman jacket, West seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself, studying the art/women intently. Rose -- who was wearing sunglasses even though it was nighttime -- trailed behind West, giving stony looks to the few women who displayed the temerity to go up and talk to him. As she was wearing spikes on her blazer, very few did.

"It's just dramatic, compelling and emotional. I love the way she takes real women and turns them into models," he said. Then he paused and smiled. "That's about as artsy-fartsy as I can go."

The non-human part of Beecroft's installation and West's video of the performance is on display through April 12. See the Deitch Projects site for more details.

Photos by Kathy Lo (via Supreme Being) **