Laura Juslin.
Laura Juslin.
Photographer: Chris Vidal Tenomaa
Stylist: Maija Sallinen

Laura Juslin graduated from the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture in 2012, and has become recognized for clean, simple designs that harmonize both shape and cut. She uses carefully tuned colors often in the form of blocking, and structural and innovative materials. After presenting her awarded MA collection she was offered the position as Head Designer for a new Finnish label Siloa & Mook. Here, she answers our questions.

How did growing up in Finland influence your aesthetic?
Marimekko has a significant role in the history of Finnish design. Practically everyone grew up with Marimekko pajamas, towels and bed sheets. My childhood Finland was still quite isolated from international fashion, which has given us room to use our imagination.

Do you think there is there a distinct Finnish aesthetic?
Traditionally, Nordic design has been seen as minimalist. Finnish fashion has become more experimental and brave still bearing in mind its heritage.

What's your favorite thing about being based in Finland?
Finland is so far away from fashion capitals that you are able to perceive fashion from an outsider’s perspective. We have four strong seasons that differ dramatically from one another. Also the difference in the amount of light between summer and winter is quite significant. These differences are inspiring.

Do you have a favorite Finnish designer?
All the designers in Pre-Helsinki are super talented and intriguing in their own distinctive way. We really appreciate each other’s work and everyone supports one another to go further

Photos by Chris Vidal Tenomaa, styled by Maija Sallinen. Hair and make-up by Emilie Tuuminen. Model: Stephanie Cook at Brand Model Management.