What was it like working with Maurizio Cattelan?
It was a hell of a lot of fun. I have to say, he wasn't what I was expecting. He's just so, I don't know, like a boy—so fun and enthusiastic and jolly.

He described you as "a still actress, with a range of expressions that is endless."
Oh wow, he said that? I don't know, I just really wanted it to work... I never got a clear answer about what he wanted, and it's sort of like his art. It's up for you to interpret.

We've had a lot of questions already about the photo with the chickens.
Well, I grew up in Canada, in an area where everyone had chickens. I mean, we weren't supposed to have chickens—it was a residential area, but we did. Also, when I went back to Italy with my parents where they grew up, there were chickens. So you can say I know a lot about chickens.

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Evangelista and her son, Augie, three.

Photos: Cover and Cattelan images, PierPaolo Ferrari; beach, Steven Meisel.