En-trenched in good taste. Burberry has launched Art of the Trench a social networking site that features stylish Brits adding their personal twist to the classic coat. You can rate your favorite look and upload a photo of yourself in your Burberry trench and it may just be featured. We loved clicking on the pics but if Burberry is hoping for the site to spark a viral trench craze it needs to be less controlling about user--or should we say wearer--generated content. Artoftrench.com

The trench may be the fashion's choice. But for a certain caliber of celebrity it's all about the pea coat. John Gosselin and Levi Johnston showed up in Time's Square looking like peas in a pod in almost identical coats. The Daily Beast

Big fat rumor. Gemma Ward, former Vogue "It" Girl and girlfriend of the late Heath Ledger, quits modeling for being criticized for gaining weight. Stylelist

Stumped for a holiday gift? L'Artisan Parfumeur will create a exclusive one-of-kind scent for a mere $10,000. Refills are only $450. See the recession really is over! Fashionista