But since you're already reading, I figured I'd tell you what I learned last week over Red Bulls in NAC's plush, famous-painting-stuffed drawing rooms: People—not most people, but groovy ones like Engman and Prince—actually have "personal marks" that they use for all kinds of decorative objets. Engman's is an adaptation of a shee-la-na-gig, the "pagan female exhibitionist gargoyle" that adorns medieval churches throughout Europe. After collaborating with the graphics firm SuperDeluxe to create her own special riff on the ghoulish gal, Engman has since used the mark for everything from her business cards to scads of earrings, including a pair tricked out with Swarovski crystals. Currently, the designer Mario Moya is creating a duchesse satin jacket covered in sequins cut in the shape of Engman's mark.