Margaret Qualley with James Franco
Margaret Qualley with James Franco. Courtesy of Palo Alto.

The director Gia Coppolaisn’t the only bright young thing in Hollywood with name-brand genes: Her latest film, Palo Alto, a series of interlocking stories featuring disaffected teens, is full of pedigreed talent: In his first screen role, Jack Kilmer, the son of Val proves a natural as a smart student who gets busted for drunk driving. And while Emma Robertsthe niece of Juliais more experienced, having appeared in comedies and indie dramas, she rarely has had parts as quietly complex as here, where she plays a loner whose crush on her soccer coach (James Franco takes a dangerous turn. Nathalie Love the daughter of Teen Vogue Senior West Coast Editor Lisa Love; and the model Margaret Qualley, daughter of Andie MacDowell, are also in the film, playing high school students. And although they do not have Hollywood bloodlines, Zoe Levin, as a young woman discovering the power of her sexuality, and Nat Wolff, as a wild child, give performances that should not go unmentioned. Consider this ensemble the Hollywood class of 2014.