For the next two weeks, W's fashion editors will be sharing their holiday travel plans along with essential wardrobe pieces for each destination. Check back here for what to carry home to Austin, Texas or on a holiday to Bali. In this installment, William Kahn, Associate Accessories Editor, travels to Texas.

This year, I'm heading to Austin Texas and staying with my good friends (the Lees) for a few days to celebrate the New Year.

This carry-on is the best, it is so light and on four wheels- it makes holiday travel more tolerable.

When I head downtown to check out the University Co-op, this backpack will keep me cool with the college set.

I have to hit Salt Lick restaurant for a rack or two of ribs and some brisket. It's my dad's favorite BBQ joint from his glory days at the University.

This bracelet is the perfect mix of cattle rancher meets hippie.

Every good houseguest should bring a hostess gift. These candles are the perfect way to say thanks.