Photographer: Chris Vidal Tenomaa
Stylist: Maija Sallinen

Samuji is a Finnish creative studio and design house that values necessary things, simple functionality, and kindness. The Samuji women’s wear collection was launched in spring 2011, and a men’s wear capsule collection was introduced in fall 2013. Everything is crafted out from quality materials from European and Japanese suppliers and produced in Europe. Here, the brand’s founder Samu-Jussi Koski answer our questions.

How did growing up in Finland influence your aesthetic?
In many ways, of course! I like to think my roots and the whole Finnish tradition can be seen in Samuji—in our aesthetics, in our values and in the way we approach design. Samuji aims to create functional, sustainable design—items that serve a purpose and yet carry a story. To me this beautiful functionalism is something very Finnish.

Do you think there is there a distinct Finnish aesthetic?
On the one hand we are a part of the Scandinavian design tradition: very functional, simple, in touch with nature. And on the other hand we have strong influences from the east: bold ornamental prints, deep colors etc. So, as also geographically, Finland is a mixture of two worlds.

What's your favorite thing about being based in Finland?
Nature. It's my never-ending inspiration. I grew up in a small village in central Finland, surrounded by lakes, and nowadays I live in the middle of fields and forests, not far from the seashore close to Helsinki. In Finland, even in the capital Helsinki, nature is very present, and always close. And I'm very happy if it influences my design and Samuji's aesthetics, too.

Do you have a favorite Finnish designer?
Vuokko Nurmesniemi is my all time favorite.

Who is your favorite international designer?
Yohji Yamamoto.

Photos by Chris Vidal Tenomaa, styled by Maija Sallinen. Hair and make-up by Emilie Tuuminen. Model: Stephanie Cook at Brand Model Management.