The surrounding terminals were abuzz with texting, staring, and giggling as the easygoing stars chatted amiably with a rotating group of 20-something females. When I asked the rosy-faced Westwick (dressed in a crisp white button down, jeans, and suspenders hanging at his waist) how he was faring during the long wait at DFW, he laughed and referenced Home Alone. "I'm tired and I'm dirty and I want to see my son," he said. Meanwhile, a less talkative Szohr shook her head, school-marm style, and opted out of pictures as she walked over to Crawford, who had on a leather jacket and baseball cap, for a parting hug. (The lucky lad was on an earlier flight.)

In true Chuck Bass fashion, Westwick, now without a wingman, managed to keep the bevy of blondes that he and Crawford picked up entertained with his adorable British accent. When the conversation turned to his costar Blake Lively's recent W Magazine cover, Westwick deadpanned, "You should have put me on the back cover."

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