A bevy of ladies sporting "No Fur!" heart-shaped pins greeted guests at the "Cool vs. Cruel" party last night at the Bowery Hotel. Organized by The Humane Society of the United States, the event drew a solid fashion crowd, among them Agyness Deyn (who was billed as the night's DJ), Tallulah Harlech (below right,daughter of Lady Amanda Harlech) and downtown auteur-ette Arden Wohl (below, left). Not everyone heeded the anti-fur message to the T, however. Wohl, for one, showed up in leggings, a teal cableknit turtleneck ... and, slung across her arm, a tan vintage shearling coat. "That's okay, if it's vintage," a companion quickly reassured her.

Meanwhile, the young Harlech--dressed in a black vintage Ossie Clark dress borrowed from her mom and Prada heels--discussed her acting aspirations. Having recently appeared in a silent film directed by Karl Lagerfeld (granted, the man is practically her uncle), she is now hoping to find a new project. "Point me to any directors!" she quipped as she eyed the room. Deyn (below), who was accompanied by fiance Albert Hammond Jr., was operating on a slightly lower voltage. At one point she took a break from her post at the turntables (it should be noted, most of the music seemed to be coming straight from her ipod) to make a rather pained photo-op on the red carpet. When asked to pose with fashion designer Charlotte Ronson she declined, saying she had to get back to her DJ post.

Other party attendees included Paul Marlow and Alex Galan (below) from men's line Loden Dager as well as Project Runway's first-ever winner Jay McCarroll, who was wearing a Mardi Gras-esque cacophony of necklaces, including a pendant of a scorpion suspended in resin. "I shouldn't be wearing it because it's a bug!" he shouted, basking in the flashbulbs' glow. Midway through the soiree, fashion photog Nigel Barker (best known as a judge on America's Next Top Model), spokesperson for the Protect Seals campaign for The Humane Society of the
United States, gave a speech about the cruelty of fur. Although most of the guests seemed more tuned in to the open bar, he did elicit some sympathetic nods. "It's not chic," sniffed a coiffed guest. It's just not chic."