On February 1, Chanel will raise handbag prices by $50 to $100 on classic styles, according to salespeople in the Soho boutique. But someone in the Madison Avenue store said the classic jumbo caviar leather bag will go up to $2,995 from $2,650. (In other words, buy now!) The Cut

Just in time for his State of the Union, Weatherproof will take down their shameless Obama ad tomorrow and replace it with an image of Mount Rushmore to perpetuate the brand's "presidential campaign" theme. In the meantime, they're trying to get Sarah Palin to appear in their upcoming women's ads. The Cut

Rumor has it that Victoria Beckham's designing a hotel on the island Karl Lagerfeld's developing in Dubai. Sounds fierce and major. Fashionista

H&M has admitted that some of its certified-organic clothes may contain genetically modified strands of the white stuff. Fashionista