It's precisely this wink-wink sensibility that inspired Stephen Wong, former art director at Helmut Lang, to launch his own line of cashmere scarves boldly emblazoned with these double entendres. This fall the six-style collection, dubbed Wong Wong, hits the retail shelves at Colette in Paris. "The whole thing came about because my friends and I would watch football all the time on the BBC and the commentators would use these terms naturally," says Wong, a hardcore fan who plays in leagues around New York City. "But if you take it to a different context, it's funny. Some people automatically think, 'OK, that's dirty,' and I kind of like that."

Each phrase, he adds, has been carefully paired with a particular scarf color and pattern -- and only serious soccer enthusiasts will understand why. A case in point is his striped green and white design, which references Scotland's famed Celtic Football Club. The team's best known for its kick long-and-chase tactic -- a play otherwise referred to colloquially as, ahem, "hump and run."

Photo: Thomas Iannacone