Icon by Rashaad Newsome

New York artist Rashaad Newsome is the rare individual who can discuss, with equal fervor and expertise, the elaborate ribbed vaults of the Lincoln Cathedral in London and the extreme athleticism of pole dancers. Both converge in “Icon,” Newsome’s new video that, like the rest of his work, meticulously blends aspects of canonical art with urban culture to spectacular effect. For the 20-minute film, which is part of “L.egends, S.tatements, S.tars,” his solo exhibition of collages opening December 9 at Marlborough Gallery, Newsome recreated the architecture of the cathedral’s choir vault in a Cuban link chain, which a cast of pole dancers, Voguers, and breakers, styled in accessories from the resort collections and filmed before a green screen, appear to dance around. Here, W debuts a sneak peek of the visual extravaganza. – Karin Nelson