December 2013
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5 New Year’s Eve Outfits

Go Bold

Wax On

The Glitter Countdown

Hand in Hand

Unusual Zen

Photos: Fit for Queen B

Fit for Queen B

Fast and Incredibly Chic

Rock Hunting

Photos: Rock Hunting

The Personal Touch

Singing the Blues

A Show of Hands

Definitely Nice

Rihanna Needs More Closets

Yutaka Sone: Jacket Required

Photos: Yutaka Sone: Jacket Required

House Account

Blonde Devotion

A Colorful Set

Something for Everyone

Spheres of Influence

Off the Wall

Katherine Bernhardt’s Holiday Services

Photos: Be Fabulous (Or Else)

Be Fabulous (Or Else)

An Old Flame

Museo Jumex: Art Nuevo

Photos: Museo Jumex: Art Nuevo

Judith Eisler’s YM

Brushes with Greatness

Photos: Her


Photos: Site Unseen

Site Unseen

Alison Gingeras: Guerrilla Gallerists

In the Bag

Caroline Corbetta: Guerrilla Gallerists

Guerrilla Gallerists

Candle Rama!

Everyone is Italian

The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits

Fair Enough

Photos: Fair Enough

Brendan Dugan: Guerrilla Gallerists

Photos: Brilliant in Every Facet

Brilliant in Every Facet

The Quintessential American Jeweler

American Hustle: Behind the Scenes

Photos: American Hustle: Behind the Scenes

Britt Robertson’s Graduation

Mint Condition

Little Failure

The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic

Good Stuff

Not Black

The Free and the Brave

Painted Ladies

Small Packages

Something in the Air

Hotel Monteverdi

All That Glitters

The Art Director

Sand Castle

Photos: Sand Castle

Photos: New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

Simple Soles

The Great Beauty: A Grand Illusion

Steel Magnolia

Photos: Steel Magnolia

Photos: Speed Freaks

Speed Freaks

Photos: Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection

Trouble in the Art World

Marina Abramovic Was Not Present

A Box of Beauty

Photos: Form, Function, Fabulousness

Form, Function, Fabulousness

Listen Up

Up All Night?

Adidas X Rick Owens

George Clooney: Spot the Star