March 2009
Fashion Articles

W’s Beloved Columnist Suzy … in Korea!

Mapei at the Museum

What we learned from a big-deal diet doc

The Thursday Reading List

Gloria Allred Sits on This

Upstairs from W’s offices… an Octomom moment

Jane’s Nose Job

Eva’s entrance, Bijou’s bijou and more

Rodarte’s Unseen Jewels

Marketing Adventures in Williamsburg

Rolex Fanatics, Get Ready

Voice Message from Mercedes

The Selby takes Colette, talks to us

Daphne G: Never Disappoints

Five Minutes with Mercedes Ruehl

Beyonce has this man to thank

April Release: Drew Barrymore

The Thursday Reading List

25 Random Things about W’s Beauty Editors

Call it a long night for Stella, Dior and Chanel

Fashion 3.0?

Lilly Parties Hard, Gets Parking Ticket

The Thursday Reading List

Accoutrement Envy at YSL and Chanel

Kanye gets a little “artsy-fartsy” (his words)

Real Housewife LuAnn on etiquette, her “fan base,” and that Bethenny

Once Again, Loving the Lanvin

If only your granny had thought of this

Straight from Paris: Stella and YSL

The Drape Escape at Balenciaga, Givenchy, Lacroix and Comme des Garçons

Karl, Comme, Lanvin, Dior and More

Scarlet Fever at Lanvin, Yohji and Nina Ricci

There’s Something About a Dog in Animal Prints

Caviar and Tater Tots with the Janklows

Straight from Paris: Nina Ricci, Balenciaga, Balmain and more

Now, You Too Can Have Mrs. O’s Arms

Boozy Rule-breakers at MoMA

Valentino talks recession, buying ski jackets (on sale) and being called Emperor

Molto Bene Boots & Bags

Coat Check: Dark, Tweedy, Light and Languid

Dolce & Gabbana

Scarlett, Liz and Eva in Milan

Prada, Marni, Gucci, Bottega and more

Daphne Guinness

It Takes Two


Escape Artists

The Life Aquatic

Heavens to Betsey

Forever Barbie

Kimberly Ovitz: Easy Rider

Roberto Cavalli: Doggy Style

Online Exclusive: W Editors’ Favorite Runway Looks

Power Player

Armani’s Italian Job

Daphne Guinness: Rare Bird

What Goes Around

Time Warp

Law & Order

All About Yigal

Trend: Steeling Beauty