May 2010
Culture Articles

Daily Gem: Jemma Wynne’s Pretty Pieces

Daily Gem: Yossi Harari’s Gilver Gems

Daily Gem: Padma’s Latest Collection

Daily Gem: Me & Ro’s “Class” Rings

Daily Gem: Simon Alcantara’s Fringed Pieces

Daily Gem: Sydney Evan’s bird in cage necklace

June Release: Cate Blanchett

Daily Gem: Ariane Zurcher’s Dino Ring

Daily Gem: Julia Muggenburg’s Belmacz Baubles

We Love the Eighties: Art’cade Exhibition

Daily Gem: Temple St. Clair’s Stunners

Daily Gem: Sevan Bicakci’s Magical Cuff-Ring

Daily Gem: Alexander Calder’s Antique Beauty

More from Cate Blanchett

Dolk and M-City’s Brooklyn Debut

Daily Gem: H. Stern’s Zephyr Earrings

Daily Gem: Jennifer Trask’s Woodsy Necklace

Nikki Yanofsky: Bringin’ Scat Back

Daily Gem: Tournaire’s Aspen Ring

Daily Gem: Nicole Landaw’s Hoop Dreams

Woody Allen & Cannes

Uptown Girl: Lisa Maria Falcone

Uptown Girl: Lisa Maria Falcone

Michael Crichton: Private View

Online Exclusive: Matthew Mellon’s wedding album

Louise’s Traffic Jam

Julianna Margulies

Michael Crichton

Textured Message

Julianna Margulies