Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars.

Fashion designers Misty Zollars and Kelly Urban of AMO jeans reinterpret nostalgic denim styles in flattering, modern silhouettes that both celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Sienna Miller and industry insiders love. "Vintage is a big source of inspiration for us," Urban explains. "And to see something you have created on women that inspire you is truly the best feeling."Here, the Los Angeles-based duo explain the method to their madness.

Why do you love designing denim?
Misty: For us, getting dressed each day means first picking out which pair of jeans to wear and then deciding what top, shoes, accessories to wear with those jeans. We applied that same philosophy to AMO--we first had to create the perfect pair of jeans that we wanted to wear before adding in additional categories.
Kelly: Denim is a medium that can take on many different forms and we love how versatile it is. When we launched AMO, it was imperative that we found a fabric that looked authentic and could work in a variety of fits. Choosing the right fabric is key when it comes to making the perfect pair of jeans. We based our company’s roots on the concept of the “The Essential Denim Closet,” in which we set out to offer the must have’s of denim.

What do you try to accomplish with every collection?
Misty: We design what we are passionate about and what we want to wear ourselves. We know if we are both really excited about a particular idea – a new fit, wash or fabric – then we are onto something. Our design process is very thoughtful--if we don’t love it, we don’t do it. With every season we try to accomplish designing jeans that we know women will live in and love – always the perfect balance of vintage with a modern and feminine approach.

What is the secret to perfect jeans?
Kelly: We know that the first thing a woman does when she tries on a pair of jeans is turn around and look in the mirror at her backside. They key to a great fitting pair of jeans is the butt. Pocket placement is extremely important; they have to be just right-not too high, too low or too far apart. We spent a lot of time getting perfecting this fit detail, so you have something to smile about when you look in the mirror.
Misty: Our signature side seam detail (that runs down the outside of each leg) is pitched slightly forward. This creates an elongating and slimming effect. This seam is a signature detail of ours and is used on all of our fits.

What denim trends are you most excited about right now?
Kelly: I’m obsessed with our jean with beautiful patchwork detailing.
Misty: I am so excited about our new fit that will be launching for Spring 2016. It is the perfect cropped boot.

What is your favorite pair of jeans?
Kelly Urban: My AMO Babe jeans in wash Dive Bar. It’s the only true high waist jean I’ll wear! I used to shy away from jeans with a high rise – I loved the idea, but never felt like I could pull them off. When we developed the Babe, we set out to create a flattering high-rise jean that was vintage inspired but also modern and wearable. I’m so proud of the way this fit came out! I’ve seen it on so many different body types and find that it really works on a variety of shapes and sizes.
Misty Zollars: I would have to say our very first AMO sample of Twist in Sweet cheeks. I will always cherish them and be sentimental about this pair of jeans because they represent so much to me… they remind me to follow my heart and dream big