Burberry Perry and Lil Yachty

Burberry Perry with Lil Yachty. Photo by @thegoodperry.

Armani, Emporio
Giorgio Armani's contemporary offshoot will show in Paris instead of Milan come September. It's only, like, half a coup, though — Armani insists it's a one-off, and he'll return to Paris the following season.

Adds models like Jordan Barrett, Jourdan Dunn, Ysaunny Britto, Josephine Skriver, and Riley Montana to its Fall 2016 campaign roster.

Banks, Tyra
Can definitely apply her makeup faster than you. Not that it's a race.

Heatherton, Erin
Victoria's Secret model, formerly Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend, currently reviled by her apartment building.

If you didn't already have trouble telling model twins Odette and Lia Pavlova apart, you will now: The sisters co-star in Mulberry's latest campaign.

Museum of Art, Metropolitan
The closing of Manus x Machina is fast approaching — the exhibition shutters in early September — so the costume institute has already begun planning for its next show, "Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion," a 60-piece exhibit that aims to pull the curtain back from collecting, archiving, and curating fashion.

Obama, Barack
The President was the highlight of Wednesday night's Democratic National Convention (and maybe the whole week of the DNC, if we're being fair), delivering likely his final nationally televised primetime speech in office. He got real about Trump, pledged his support for Hillary, and delivered a powerful call to action from the audience.

Perry, Burberry
Young rapper, Kylie Jenner collaborator, Lil Yachty producer and companion, alleged copyright infringer. Burberry probably has a solid case on this one. Perry seems to agree; by Wednesday, he had already changed his stage name to The Good Perry.

What is Rodarte, really? And how did they launch an e-commerce site?

Russell, Cameron
Anne Friedman and Aminatou Sow's podcast "Call Your Girlfriend" anointed Russell "Woke Model," and after chatting about her speech at the Democratic National Convention, we have to agree with their assessment.