Cara Delevingne: model, actress, humanitarian, novelist ...cartoon character? Yes, the world conquering 24-year-old can now add animated character to her increasingly long and increasingly varied resumé, but the turn is not for a Saturday morning cartoon (surely some incredibly chic seven-year-old is devastated). Rather, she gets the 2D treatment for a new short film that's part of Chanel's latest push for it's new Gabrielle bag. Delevingne is one of a handful of celebrity faces for the bag in addition to Kristen Stewart and Pharrell Williams.

Of course, the animation isn't of Saturday morning-quality either. The short film was helmed by Shishi Yamazaki, a young female animation director who has done some fashion work in her native country of Japan before, but this seems to be her biggest international gig by far.

In the clip, an animated Delevingne chases after a colorful Chanel bag and then skates off down the road until she uses her own eye as a halfpipe. Yeah, it's sort of trippy.

This is not Delevingne's first time starring in a Chanel short film. Back in 2014, she starred in a fairy-tale film in a dress worthy of a Disney princess opposite Williams. That clip was directed by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

This is also not Chanel's first short for the Gabrielle bag. Last week the brand released a short in which Stewart plays Coco Chanel herself. Future installments of the short film series will revolve around Williams and French model and musician Caroline de Maigret.

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