If the fountain of youth really existed, you’d most likely find it in Chile, where the extraordinary climate has helped create a range of polyphenol-rich fruits and vegetables—green coffee, spiruline seaweed, grapes—that provide 40% more antioxidants than natural ingredients cultivated elsewhere. Cosmetofruit’s Founder and CEO-Creative Director Ester Saaez first bottled up these unique ingredients for her line of phyto-nutrient supplements and elixirs. This month, she adds skincare products to the range.


How did the idea of using Chile’s fruit crops for a beauty line first come to you?
I wanted to create something that could be uniquely associated with Chile, and I fell in love with the concept of ‘beauty from within.’ Chilean fruits—including native berries like Maqui, Murta, and Murtilla—are full of anti-ageing polyphenols and flavinoids, so I thought, why not make beauty products out of them?

Why add topical skincare products to your supplement line?
Our customers started to request a Cosmetofruit skincare range to use alongside the elixirs, so we’re working hard to deliver for them!

How did your experience with the elixirs inform the way you created the skincare line?


How do the two lines support one another?
The elixirs work from the inside out, delivering detoxifying active ingredients that will help you feel and look great. At the same time, the skincare line contains the same phyto-nutrients to work intensively on your skin, boosting the effect of the elixirs.

It's not a typical three-step regime, so how did you decide what kind of skincare products to create?
It’s true: it is not a conventional range. Our customers told us what they wanted—they are our most important inspiration. Then we researched and developed the most advanced active ingredients available. The resulting line-up includes a Body Polish Exfoliant, a very fine rice exfoliator, a Daily Anti-Cellulite Cream with Seaweed to enhances skin tone and lipid elimination, a Circulation Revitalizing Gel with anti-edema / anti-inflammatory Elderflower extract, and a Hands & Nails Cream with Hydrovance to hydrate.