[#image: /photos/58538974c7188f9b26c92cf7]||||||An off-the-grid fashion show on Monday, held at the Wally Findlay Gallery in New York, was the perfect setting for designer Michael Vollbracht to merge his two raisons d'etre: his tastefully feminine duds and his languid palette-knife paintings. His new "Ladies Painted" collection, which lined the walls of the space the models drifted in and out of, will open to the public tomorrow following a bash at the gallery this evening. And while "Ladies Painted" represents Vollbracht's official New York premiere, Findlay's Palm Beach staged an another exhibition, "Ladies and Gentle Beasts," at the end of last year. "They've been selling my paintings for a while now," said Vollbracht, as he hugged well-wishers after his fashion show. "That's how I eat."

[#image: /photos/58538974d3b7a5db18f3b707]||||||Resting on Matisse (top) and Longfeather (below) by Michael Vollbracht.