Celebrating Frieze Over Frisée

During a month stacked with one large-scale art event after another, the art world is craving some intimacy. W’s dinner with Burberry at Lafayette to celebrate Frieze New York on Wednesday night drew quite a crowd—including hosts Naomi Campbell and New Museum director Lisa Phillips and guest of honor Ed Atkins—but compared to Randall’s Island or a pavilion in Venice, it was downright cozy. “Quality time is fun time for me,” said Campbell, who was looking forward to sitting down to a dinner with friends. “I’m always either on the road or on a plane. Eating is a social thing. You get to talk to people you don’t get to see.”

Before the dinner, Atkins gave a special multimedia video and spoken word performance at the New Museum. “I always hope for some kind of intimacy,” he said when asked what he wanted the audience to take away. “I like being just another person in a room with other people.” And fortunately, there were plenty of other stylish guests present, including models Catherine McNeil, Bethann Hardison, and Amanda Murphy.