There's getting into the spirit of spring by mixing in some pastels into your wardrobe, and then there's what Emma Roberts just did by dying her hair pink.

The Scream Queens star debuted her latest look on her Instagram Story on Monday. She paired the new 'do with heavy rose-gold eye makeup, matte blush, and a rose lip, making for a full face that looked extra pretty in pink.

Emma captioned the video "#ParadiseHills," implying that the dye job is for her role in the upcoming flick. She'll star as Uma, "the daughter of a magnate who commits suicide after his company is targeted for hostile takeover by a predatory billionaire named Son Prescott. Prescott decides to marry Uma, but only after kidnapping and sending her to Paradise Hills, a private sanitarium where she is to have her mind systematically destroyed," Deadline reports. The film, which is expected to come out later this year, sounds like it has some slight Handmaid's Tale vibes with a focus on strong female leads.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.51.48 PM.png

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@emmaroberts

This may by the first time the world has seen Emma in a bubblegum hue, but she has been known to change up her hair on the regular. She's had 14 different hair colors in as many years, which is some Kylie Jenner–level chameleon-ing. (She's worn everything from brown to blonde to auburn.) Of course, it's not just color changes that make Roberts an unabashed hair adventurer, she's also chopped and cropped her hair into bobs and lobs and everything in between, and has been known to hit the red carpet with optical-illusion inducing updos, like one involving a ponytail and artfully placed knots.

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