Over the weekend, Frances Bean Cobain experienced every major model’s rite of passage when her first billboard made its debut. But, with her debut campaign for Marc Jacobs perched above the brand’s Melrose Avenue store, the daughter of Kurt Cobain—the late frontman of Nirvana—and Courtney Love was also responsible for another first: a model tagging their own billboard.

Not long after the billboard went up—the 24-year-old models a baby doll dress in the spirit of the ones her mother popularized during her Hole and grunge glory days—it was defaced with graffiti by none other than Cobain herself.

Well, she wasn’t alone. Cobain spray-painted the billboard with help from her friends, who made an appearance in her Instagram posts documenting the whole ordeal. “@marcjacobs defacing my face,” wrote Cobain on Instagram for the caption of a photo where she’s using a billboard-sized paint roller to smooth out a cartoon that’s been slapped on top of her face.

“@abreealoren @illmagore just a couple of bandits leaving their mark #bestdayever #artwitches,” she wrote under a pic of herself and her friends who assisted.

Apparently, though, it was Cobain who came up with the idea to tag the billboard. “That moment when your soul sister @space_witch666 says ‘hey let’s scale a building and graffiti my own billboard!’ YES YES Yaaasssss!” wrote one of her accomplices on Instagram. “Special thanks to @marcjacobs @themarcjacobs for not having us arrested lol and always being brilliant ✨”

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It would appear that the reason Marc Jacobs didn’t have the trio arrested is because the brand was well aware it was happening. (How could they not be, though, when it was going down right above its store?) The brand gave their official stamp of approval on Instagram, posting a picture of the tagged billboard with the caption, “Frances Bean Cobain by Frances Bean Cobain on top of our flagship store on 8400 Melrose Place, LA. ✨”—which was a slight edit from their original post of the unaltered billboard that read, “Frances Bean Cobain by David Sims.”

This isn’t Marc Jacobs’ first graffiti incident. You might recall that, back in 2013, the designer trolled the graffiti artist Kidult after his Paris store was tagged by selling a T-shirt printed with an image of said tagged store. Confusing, yes, we know.

Cobain’s independent streak was one of the things that attracted Jacobs to her in the first place. “I first met Frances Bean when she was 2 years old at a dinner with her mom (Courtney) and Anna Sui in 1994 at Bar Six in NYC,” wrote Jacobs, when her campaign was first announced. “I have always wanted to work with Frances. Her beauty, uniqueness, and strength is something I have long admired and respected. Few things remain as constant as my continued inspiration from those whose honesty, integrity, courage, and curiosity lead them to explore and venture beyond preconceived boundaries.”

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